Virtual Masterclass: “The Change Equation in Times of Covid –19”

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When:June 2, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Where:Zoom Executive Forum
Contact:Beth Kingsley-Rowe

01383 223353

(“How to reinvent yourself in tough times by using a transformation map”)

Speaker: Liz Oliver ; Chairperson: Dr David Fraser

News Background & Context

Following Boris Johnson’s announcements yesterday promulgating the impending first signs of easing the UK lockdown, perhaps understandably the media is still focused on the details of the medical, social and economic impact of the coronavirus. This includes the effect of fatalities on families, home working on employees and a downturn in business with the likes of the airline and the hospitality industries sending out urgent SOS flares as they rapidly head inexorably for the jagged financial & jobs rocks.

Not to mention the anticipated “black holes” for 2020-2021 in the Scottish and English Universities of £500m and £2bn respectively re the impact of Brexit on a drop foreign student numbers and EU grants.

Executive Summary

The bottom-line impact of this new reality, which emerged like something out of science fiction, is that the whole world has been rocked back on its heels. Without pessimism or exaggeration it is true to conclude that  Life will never be the same again; change is no longer a choice it is our imperative.

Whether recognised by the politicians, medics, economists or business-moguls or not we have all entered the unprecedented phase of “the great reinvention” ie of ourselves and our businesses.

The opportunity of Reinvention, where appropriate, starts with change, be that organisationally or otherwise. And today’s Scottish book launch of The Change Equation” with Liz Oliver (Author) could not have been timelier, or more needed, by more people and more organisations than right now. Note: The beauty of Liz’s book is that it takes a mass of otherwise intangibles and expresses them intelligibly.

So, we are delighted that Liz Oliverwill be presenting and working with the fundamentals of The Change Equation with “Dr David Fraser in the Chair quizzing as interviewer and Q&A conductor.

The Masterclass Speaker, Content and Output

Liz Oliver combines professional expertise, personal experience and deep awareness, to look at change from a holistic perspective. In this masterclass, Liz will be sharing some of the intrinsic fundamentals in the human relationship with change, as mentioned above as in her new book ‘The Change Equation’.

The first question is “Would you benefit by embracing this unique opportunity for change in some way?” If so, you will gain a deeper understanding of the components of The Change Equation and have an opportunity to deepen your awareness of what may be blocking progress with a signposted path on hand

Footnotes   a) It would be beneficial to come to the session with an example of a current change that you are finding difficult to embrace (not everyone likes “change”).It could be something individual or involving others, so that you can learn and apply the principles and to  come away with practical next steps.

b) By coincidence or otherwise? Last month the new SIBL Executive Forum focused “on knowing yourself and others” based on the Swedish based Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI) instrument.  NB There can be no realistic change without first knowing yourself.  So, the IDI 360 measures an individual’s behaviours, including adaptability, which are key to the successful performance of leaders.  

 Author and Speaker’s Profile – Liz Oliver

Liz began her professional career as an architect but has been immersed in the field of Learning and Development since 1998. Her initial work was teaching Neuro Linguistic Programming within the University of Dundee’s Continuing Education programme which led to a part-time tutor post for the University’s staff development (2002-2011). This involved facilitated workshops on NLP, motivation, values, emotional intelligence and stress management.  Throughout this time, Liz also worked as a coach and therapist one-on-one.

She subsequently became involved in the study and application of psychometric instruments and worked in executive positions for the initial training and continuing professional .development of practitioners.

Since April 2016, Liz has been establishing her new business ‘Rethinking’, in which she follows her passion by supporting individuals and businesses in mastering change. Her unique approach explores the integration of multiple intelligences (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual), and involves a combination of online learning, one-on-one coaching and face-to-face workshops.

In addition, Liz is also a committed member of two multi-national communities, both of which have a core interest in supporting the integration of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) in the workplace. Note: This is compatible with SIBL’s aspiration to advance wellbeing in organisations, individuals and society.

 Interviewer and Q&A Master – Dr David Fraser  

Dr David Fraser has a long-standing close relationship with SIBL as a speaker and author on leadership topics. Note:Within the past two years, David has takenthe chair as “interviewer” at SIBL’s Continuous Improvement event at  Mitsubishi and also at SIBL’s 15th anniversary dinner.

 David has a 1st class honours degree in engineering and is a leadership programme director by profession. For the last 15 years or so, he has focussed on organisational leadership, change, and growth, and enabling professional relationship skills, and has written books on these topics.

He works with clients primarily in industry in science, engineering, manufacturing, and technology but also in academia, and the public sector. Where these worlds meet he typically supports leaders and their teams with substantial leadership evolution over extended periods. David has run his own variant on “leadership think tanks” with a keen interest  in leadership development in both Scotland and globally.


1.45   Arrival and chat (bring your own tea and biscuits)

2.00   Welcome to SIBL and Introductions – Drew Pryde

2.30    Interview and Q&A–Dr David Fraser

(Getting to know Liz Oliver and understanding her background and approach to change)

2.55        Introduction to the Change Equation fundamentals- Liz Oliver

3.05   Tea Break

3.20.   An interactive session to deepen your understanding of your relationship to change Liz Oliver

4.20    10 mins Wash-up and end of session – Fiona Gardiner

Current Programme