About us

SIBL as a Learning Institute and Community Interest Company

The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders (SIBL CIC International) was established in 2003. We have secured our niche as a privately funded Learning Institute and are structured as a not-for-profit, membership-based Community Interest Company (CIC).

We are run from top to bottom by volunteers to create a unique learning model focused on developing leadership in SMEs, Charities and the emergency services.

Any surplus is required by our regulations to be donated to a Scottish mental health charity. Our purpose is to advance the quality of leadership across the board with a ripple effect on wellbeing in the workplace, profits and in Scottish society. This contrasts sharply with the traditional objectives of private companies which are focussed on the generation of profits and enhancing shareholders value.

SIBL CIC reports annually to the registrar of Community Interest Companies at Companies House. We discharge our obligations as a CIC, primarily by supporting the development of business skills and enhancing the quality of leadership in SMEs. 

This recognises that business leaders are centres of influence in their organisations, their families and local communities. They are in a position to be role models and have a positive impact on the wellbeing of everyone that they are involved with. 

As a catalyst SIBL CIC aims to influence both national and international business leaders to aspire to encompassing both financial success with goals of wellbeing of employees, stakeholders and their local and wider communities

Meet our diverse team

Drew Pryde
Chairman & CEO
Liz Oliver
Outplacement & Coaching
Lance Ramsay
Non-Executive Director
Karen Galley
Head of People
Gordon Cassells
Digital Marketing Manager
Robin Burgess
OD Executive
Karen Darke
Executive Coach
Clark Bremner
Learning & Research
Beth Kingsley-Rowe
Administration Manager
Mr Lewis
Head of Security

SIBL as a Community


  • From my involvement with SIBL, I have learned that there is a community of enthusiastic amazing leaders that are lifelong learners, always evolving their practice and learning from each other.  Learning and sharing is encouraged in a safe, supported, compassionate way and there are always “sparkling nuggets” to take-away from every session.

  • The alchemy of the diversity of a tri-sector background with business leaders mingling and thinking with space for personal reflection and to show vulnerability, talk of spirituality and a service mindset in a safe environment.

  • SIBL doesn’t need to play the USP game. In fact, it doesn’t play games at all. Just a place you can find open and honest dialogue, unlike anywhere else.

  • Supportive kind and helpful organisation who have attracted a unique membership who go above and beyond to help individuals through tough times. Stimulating personal growth to enable leaders to grow into the person that they need to be in tough times.

  • SIBL is unique.

The above image visually presents the benefits of SIBL from a recent members survey. The more frequently a word was used the larger it appears – the key benefits are Learning, Community, Development, Networking, Reflection, Inspiration and Fellowship that inspires.