“Negotiating Skills in times of the Coronavirus”

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When:September 22, 2020 @ 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Where:Zoom Executive Forum
Contact:Beth Kingsley-Rowe

01383 223353


How to Improve critical outcomes by upskilling deal-making  

Kirk Kinnel & Stephen McAllister – Ex Police

Background to today’s workshop  

At the macro political/economic level, current media headlines could not illustrate and emphasise more the importance of integrity, legality and professionalism as applied to negotiation skills in respect of current Brexit talks. Questions are asked in parliament and in the international media.

It is a hot topic politically but equally at the pertinent micro level, the need for today’s workshop is reflected in the pressure on many leaders to achieve restorative sales growth as being key to navigating a safe passage through the current uncertain environment. This scene is of course triggered by the unprecedented and restrictive impact of the coronavirus on business and society .

So, the name of the game for many leaders lies in keeping revenues flowing and equally keeping a tight control of negotiated costs (eg commercial rents) in responding to what is arguably the new business criteria that “cash is king.

On reflection, this raises numerous questions including “do the above principles apply equally in the business world?” and “is the high level of expertise, as applied in life and death Police negotiations ready transferrable to commercial negotiations?” Delegates will find the answers to these questions

Today’s highly interactive free flowing workshop takes delegates back to the critical learnings and practice of negotiating skills – and as a leader – forget them at your peril because times are tough.       

Workshop Content and Output

This introductory interactive workshop will move you through the key skills model from the Police’s highly valued approach to effective practical negotiations.  And with a resounding yes, the models do have a direct transference and applicability in the commercial  world.

Topics covered include

  • Leadership through Listening Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence & Conscious Leadership in understanding other people.
  • How to influence others through Trust, Likeability and Authority
  • Recognition and application of values, balance of power and leverage
  • Corporate negotiations and how to close the deal

The content will include two “live case studies” ie roll play situations straddling the tea break .   

Keynote Speaker Profiles Kirk KInnell and Stephen McAllister

Background History

Kirk and Stephen are former senior police officers and have over 40 years’ experience between them in the work of crisis negotiation both nationally and internationally in both the operational delivery of crisis negotiation and the selection, training and mentoring of Police Negotiators.

Both are former members of the International Negotiator Working Group (INWG) where they were influential in driving the international negotiator response in the management of threats from terrorism. Both are previous members of the UK International Negotiator cadre, with significant experience of deployments into high risk environments.

Since completing their police service, they have developed post-police careers utilising their negotiation skills and knowledge, They collaborate together via negotiated resolutions https://negotiatedresolutions.com  on a variety of projects.

Kirk Kinnel
Kirk Kinnel

Kirk Kinnell was the recent Head of Hostage Negotiation and Armed Policing in Scotland, Kirk has a unique insight into both disciplines, which complement each other in the resolution of conflict. He has been the Commander at 250 crisis “incidents”.

Subsequently he has developed a wealth of experience in the corporate and humanitarian sectors. By way of illustration he recently negotiated the terms of a nine-figure international business contract (No, it wasn’t on behalf of SIBL CIC International).

He has represented the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on the U.K. Government Counter Terrorist Bilateral Assistance Programme by training the Philippine National Police. He was also recently the lead advisor to U.S. Law Enforcement and produced models for Conflict Resolution, Decision Making and De-escalation of Force. This received acclaim in the New York Times for increasing standards of performance.

As an international speaker, he has spoken at various National Conferences including Columbus Ohio, Sweden, Dubai, Japan and has instructed internationally at the Hostage Crisis Negotiator Course of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in Quantico, Virginia, USA. He has delivered training in, Brazil, Singapore, China, Dubai, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, NZ and Serbia.

Stephen McAllister
Stephen McAllister

Stephen McAllister is well known to SIBL members as a member and regular participator as a delegate in events. He was been an advocate of the effectiveness and benefits of the Institute when he was Commander for Forth Valley Division during the times of the Police Scotland – SIBL CIC leadership development partnership.

Stephen works in the non-executive world specialising in mental health and risk management. He is the Chairman of Lifelink, a Glasgow based social enterprise. Lifelink delivers stress management and counselling services to areas of multiple social deprivation. in addition to core services in schools. Lifelink currently runs the largest Distress Brief Intervention Service in Scotland. Stephen is a non-exec with an NHS Trust and the Samaritans.

He is also currently an adviser and trainer to the European Police College on Counter Terrorist Negotiation and has contributed articles to several journals on negotiation and how to positively influence approaches to mental health both individually and organisationally

By way of formal qualifications, Stephen holds a degree in psychology, a master’s in forensic psychology, certificate in counselling skills, certificate in mediation in addition to being certificated for his activities in negotiation, negotiation coordination and counter terrorist negotiation.

Notes a) Access codes for this Zoom on-line event will be issued within 48 hours of the start time.

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