“Members’ Opportunities and Issues” – Peer Group Coaching

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When:October 6, 2020 @ 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Where:Zoom Executive Forum
Contact:Beth Kingsley-Rowe

01383 223353


(Developing solutions for key items on members’ agendas )

Gordon Cassells and the SIBL facilitation team

The rapidly changing environment is throwing up an even greater number of complex opportunities and threats such that it would be unrealistic for any leader in isolation to be expected to come up with all the solutions on demand.  

This is the chance for SIBL members, in the form of Executive Forums, effectively non-exec-boards,  to share perceived, but as yet unplumbed new opportunities and / or issues – some of the latter may well be wicked problems.

 This SIBL regular SIBL module is conducted by videoconferencing in a secure and confidential environment. It has an impressive results-oriented-track-record.  

Current Programme